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William and Phoebe Clark Scholarship

The William and Phoebe Clark Scholarship is designed for nontraditional students who are enrolled in a degree program at Michigan State University and can demonstrate financial need. Single parents and applicants who have experienced life-changing circumstances (such as the death of a spouse or partner) particularly are encouraged to apply. The individual scholarships cover the approximate cost of one undergraduate or graduate course up to $1,500.

Applying for a Grant

In order to be eligible to receive a scholarship, you must complete and submit an application furnished with all necessary information.

William E. and Phoebe B. Clark Application

The application is designed to help members of the scholarship board become acquainted with you: who you are and why you’re pursuing a university degree, your financial and personal needs, and your goals and dreams for life after graduation. Decisions about awards are based on the content of the applications. Please take the necessary time and care to complete the application thoroughly and legibly.

You may also request an application by e-mailing Be sure to provide your full name, telephone number, and home address in your message.

Applications are due each year on May 15 for Fall semester.

Questions? Contact the MSU Women’s Resource Center at 517-353-1635.

William E. & Phoebe B. Clark Scholarship:

"Empowering Transformational Learning"