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Mildred B. Erickson Fellowship

The Mildred B. Erickson Fellowship is designed for nontraditional domestic *students (U.S. Citizens) who have had to interrupt their degree studies for a significant amount of time and can demonstrate financial need. Individual scholarships cover a portion of tuition (undergraduate or graduate) for up to three semesters at MSU and its regional centers. Specifically, scholarships cover up to five credits for the first two awards and up to 12 credits for the third award.  Additionally, each awardee also receives a $500.00 book/educational support allowance.

Applying for a Grant

A limited number of scholarships has been available each year since the program began in 1974. Members of the Erickson Fellowship Board read all applications and designate the award recipients. All monies for these scholarships are donated.

The application is designed to help members of the board become acquainted with you: who you are and why you want a university degree, your financial and personal needs, and your goals and dreams for life after graduation. Decisions about awards are based on the content of the applications. Take the necessary time to complete the application carefully and legibly.

You also may request a paper application by e-mailing or by calling Mr. Ryan Rademacher, Office of Financial Aid, at 517-432-6493. Be sure to provide your full name, telephone number, and home address in your message.  Additionally, MSU Transcripts can be ordered online and e-mailed directly to Mr. Rademacher.

Finally, you can pick up an application from these locations on the Michigan State University campus:

Women’s Resource Center, 332 Union Building
Office of Financial Aid, Student Services Building
The Graduate School, Chittenden Hall
The offices of academic advisers in the various colleges across campus

Applications are due on the following dates each year:

Fall semester: May 15
Spring semester: September 30
Summer semester: February 15

The Fellowship and MSU

Funds are administered through the university and are subject to all Michigan State University policies. The Fellowship, however, is independent and has a board of directors consisting of university and community members.

For more information contact:

Ryan Rademacher, Assistant Director of Scholarship Administration & Stewardship
Office of Financial Aid - University Scholarships & Fellowships
Michigan State University
Telephone:  517-432-6493


*Students must be in a "degree granting program".  Professional program students (medical and law students, etc.) are not eligible to receive an award.

Mildred B. Erickson (MBE) Fellowship:

"In Support of Lifelong Education for Adults"

 "After my husband died leaving me with two young children, I knew that completing my education was critical to our future. Yet our resources were limited. The scholarship provided me needed financial assistance; and I found an even greater benefit in the morale boost given by the scholarship board's belief in me."
—Susan Zimmerman

"A mini-midlife crisis caused me to abandon my career in business administration and return to MSU full-time in pursuit of a degree in horticulture. As a single woman, this was a very risky move to make. However, the generous financial support this older adult student received from the Mildred B. Erickson Fellowship proved the risk more than worth it! Now, working in the field of my dreams, I can encourage others to take a risk and pursue their dreams, through my donation to the Fellowship."
—Mary McLellan